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Sailing, berth charter & cabin charter

Indian Ocean / Thailand 
Mainly anchoring | Relaxed sailing | Sightseeing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms + upwind | family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Cooking together or going out | All | | WWW
Boat Charter Thailand
Boat Charter Thailand offers the freedom of choice. With many boats and yachts available for charter all around Thailand at affordable prices.

Sailing Thailand will be a truly unforgettable experience. Thailand hosts some of the most beautiful panoramic scenery unrivaled anywhere in the world with its stunning archipelagos, world famous national parks and pristine beaches. Thailand is slowly becoming a premier yachting destination with improving facilities, a vast array of islands, infinite safe anchorages, a superb climate and the warmth of the people that will inspire you long after your charter.

Yacht Charter Thailand offers a wide range of sailing and power yachts including mono hulls, catamarans, traditional, speedboats and fishing vessels. There are many different types of yacht charters to suit every individual including bareboat, skippered, crewed, all inclusive and luxury charters. If you are unsure which boat would most suit your needs then we can help you decide. With our knowledge and expertise we can assist you make the best choice for your sailing vacation.


Boat Hire Thailand offers - Be your own skipper, you will enjoy your very own private yacht at affordable prices. Whether you wish to have a family vacation, a fun filled sailing trip with your mates or a romantic couple retreat a bareboat charter is truly a rewarding experience. All yachts are fully equipped for your self-catering charter experience.

Crewed Charters

Boat Charter Phuket and Enjoy a truly relaxing charter experience when you choose a crewed charter. Whether you opt for a skipper, instructor, chef or deck hand a crewed charter will allow you the freedom to relax and enjoy the cruise. You do not have to know anything about sailing to enjoy a yacht charter you can just relax and take in the beauty of Thailand or join in and learn as you go. A crewed charter will also give you your own personal tour guide who knows all the beautiful and must see places to visit.

All Inclusive Charters

A Yacht Charter Phuket fully inclusive will take all the stress out of your vacation. The yacht will be fully crewed allowing you time to take in the breath-taking beauty of South East Asia. Allow all your stress to float away with a live-aboard chef preparing delicious delicacies. All fuel and yacht expenses are included so all you have to think about is relaxing.


Exact area of sailingThailand
Focus of sailing tripRelaxed sailing from bay/harbour to bay/harbour (up to 8 hours of sailing per day average)


Sailing experienceNo sailing experience required
Family sailingSuited for family trips
Smoking on boardSmoking on deck only, no smoking under deck
Target audienceAll

Trip activities

Harbours or anchoringWe plan to anchor in bays primarily.
Engine usageEngine is used in light winds and instead of beating against the wind
MealsPreparing meals together or going out for meals.

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