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Sailing, berth charter & cabin charter

Caribbean / Virgin Islands 
714 $ per day (5000 $/week) for a group with up to 2 persons plus boat kitty 
Mainly anchoring | Relaxed sailing | Sightseeing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms + upwind | not family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Cooking together or going out | All | max. 2 participants | WWW
Captain Only Charters
Experience the BVI with a Captain Only Charter, which means you provision the boat (donít forget that you need to feed the Captain too) and the Captain takes you to the places you want to experience.
Includes diesel, park fees, mooring ball fees.
NOTE: This charter is not suitable for people that have an allergy to cats.


Exact area of sailingVirgin Islands
Boat kittyGuests contribute to the boat kitty.
Maximal number of participants2
Focus of sailing tripRelaxed sailing from bay/harbour to bay/harbour (up to 8 hours of sailing per day average)


Sailing experienceNo sailing experience required
Family sailingUnsuited for family trips
Smoking on boardSmoking on deck only, no smoking under deck
Target audienceAll

Trip activities

Harbours or anchoringWe plan to anchor in bays primarily.
Engine usageEngine is used in light winds and instead of beating against the wind
MealsPreparing meals together or going out for meals.

About the Skipper

Skipper's home townLondon, UK

About the Yacht

Make of the boatMaxim 380
Boat nameStingo
Built in2007
Boat length39

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