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Sailing, berth charter & cabin charter

Mediterranean / north west coast Sardinia 
Friday, February 1, 2019 to Saturday, February 1, 2020 
120 € per day per person  
Both anchoring and berthing | Skipper training | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms | not family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | All | | WWW
If you plan to rent a charter yacht, or planning of buying a larger boat, I offer you a practical training in mastering basic and advanced nautical skills.
The main aspect of the training will include the following skills; getting familiar with all parts of the vessel, maneuvering the vessel, sailing in and sailing out, use of the anchor, handling the instrument, reading of nautical maps, daily and night navigation through the sailing, learning about the sailing laws (basic laws of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics), meteorology, working with sail and cord, basic of motor science, safety on boat, man overboard and all other issues related to taking over and returning the boat in the charter and other.


Exact area of sailingnorth west coast Sardinia
Maximal number of participants1
Focus of sailing tripSkipper training


Sailing experienceNo sailing experience required
Family sailingUnsuited for family trips
Smoking on boardSmoking on deck only, no smoking under deck
Target audienceAll

Trip activities

SightseeingOccasional sightseeing
Harbours or anchoringWe both anchor in bays and stop in marinas/harbours.
Engine usageEngine is only used in calms, otherwise we sail.

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