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Sailing, berth charter & cabin charter

multiple areas 
plus boat kitty 
Mainly anchoring | Sailing experience not required | Not under engine | Smoking prohibited | Cooking together, not going out | All | max. 3 participants
Looking for companions for long-term sailing (several months/years), ideally for a circumnavigation.
Ideal for passionate sailors who can work on a sail boat ("teleworkers", like software developers, etc.) or also retired people or anyone who doesn’t have a boat on his or her own which is suited for long-distance sailing. And obviously for anyone who prefers to sail in company.
Maybe you are up for some sort of sharehome/"shareboat"??

We will be a sharing costs equally. As the boat is in a very good overall condition, boat kitty plus this share is certainly less than 30 Euro per day.
Please note that this is NO working position; this means you will not be provided with food, water etc. for free.

When/start of the trip: in approx. 1.5 or 2 years.

Requirements: Obviously, the chemistry has to be right - that is the most important thing. Therefore I suggest sailing either on my yacht (50ft) or (what might be easier to organize) on a dinghy in a lake close to your or my place to get to know each other. Sailing experience is not required right now, but certainly before we start the trip. If necessary, I can teach you the stuff you need to know. You should also be fascinated by a sustainable and autonomous way of living, such as producing water ourselves (reverse osmosis), using the engine rarely etc.


Boat kittyGuests contribute to the boat kitty.
Maximal number of participants3


Sailing experienceNo sailing experience required
Smoking on boardSmoking not allowed on board
Target audienceAll

Trip activities

SightseeingOccasional sightseeing
Harbours or anchoringWe plan to anchor in bays primarily.
Engine usageEngine is not or rarely used.
MealsPreparing meals together, but not or rarely going out for meals.

About the Yacht

Boat length15

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