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Sailing, berth charter & cabin charter

Pacific / Australia, NSW, Vic, Tas 
Friday, November 23, 2012 to Friday, December 14, 2012 
60 € per day per person [21 days] including boat kitty 
Both anchoring and berthing | Mile-building | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms | family-friendly | Smoking prohibited | Cooking together, not going out | All | max. 3 participants | WWW
Sailing Sydney to Hobart! not racing, stopping in beautiful harbours and bays on the way. Visit the web site from this page (www above) for photos and more info, or google ’Jamie and Lisa Sailing’ and it s the first. Great sailing!


Exact area of sailingAustralia, NSW, Vic, Tas
Boat kittyGuests do not contribute to the boat kitty (i.e. food, water, diesel etc. is inclusive)
Maximal number of participants3
Focus of sailing tripMile-building, sailing as much as possible (e.g. to acquire miles for a sailing certificate)


Sailing experienceNo sailing experience required
Family sailingSuited for family trips
Smoking on boardSmoking not allowed on board
Target audienceAll

Trip activities

Harbours or anchoringWe both anchor in bays and stop in marinas/harbours.
Engine usageEngine is only used in calms, otherwise we sail.
MealsPreparing meals together, but not or rarely going out for meals.

About the Yacht

Boat length14

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