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Sailing, berth charter & cabin charter

Greece & Turkey / Turkish Coast & Islands (East) 
Saturday, July 7, 2012 to Saturday, July 14, 2012 
127 $ per day (889 $/week) per person [7 days] plus boat kitty 
Mainly anchoring | Relaxed sailing | Sightseeing | Sailing experience not required | Engine used in calms + upwind | family-friendly | Smoking on deck only | Cooking together or going out | All | max. 10 participants | WWW

Come join SAILTOGETHER.COM and set sail for the experience of a lifetime!

Whether you are traveling with your family, friends, spouse or by yourself, we make it our business to form cosmopolitan and compatible groups. Each yacht with a capacity of 10 to 12 people can sail alone or in a flotilla.
On board one of our modern yachts, the Turkish Coast and Islands (East) are revealed in a different and special way. You will discover our secret moorings in protected bays and islands, exceptional places where the beauty of nature rivals around lush and unique vegetation. In a sharing and friendly spirit, you will go to the meeting of cultures, within a cosmopolitan and united group, with a desire for discovery and adventure.

Cabin Charter rates starting from 899 USD.- per person for one week, including meals and drinks (also alcoholic drinks)Ö


Arrival at Marmaris Marina & embarkation as from 15h:00. Captainís briefing. Distribution of cabins, tidying up the personal luggage and the provisions in the holds. Dinner and possible evening night at the city center of Marmaris.

Breakfast, sailing out of the port, sea safety advices... First experience of navigation under sails(4h30). Arrival to Delikada island at the mouth of Koycegiz river where the giant sea turtles come to lay their eggs; We may go up the river on a small fishing boat to explore the grandiose ruins of the ancient Caunus, A great Lycian city famous for its rock tombs carved in the cliffs alongside the river. The whole area is a birds natural reserve.It is renowned for the mud baths and its medicinal sulfuric springs. With little chance we may cross fishermen of crabs... a real treat ! Navigation (30min) and anchoring for the night in Ekincik Bay.

Navigation (6h) towards Gocek Bay scattered with forest covered small islands. Swimming in unforgettable frames between the islands... Lunch on board, moored alongside a tree coming down till the water at ( K... C...)* Navigation (lh) to Gocek where hundreds of sailboats are quietly anchoring in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean. Visit of the beautiful village of Gocek, Dinner whether in a restaurant in the village or peacefully on board of our sailboat.

Navigation (4h) to Oludeniz, one of the best paragliding sites of the world. Swimming in turquoise waters... white sand beach. Discovery of the "Blue Lagoon" Navigation (30min) to Butterfly valley: butterfly & hippies sanctuary in the 60ís. This site, only accessible by sea, shelters beautiful waterfalls; We may walk up the river to get under the waterfalls hidden in luxurious vegetation, surrounded by thousands of butterflies. Navigation (lh) to (G...A...)*, anchoring for the night and visit of the Byzantine ruins spread on the islets and partially covered with mosaics and mural paintings, the beauty of this island is unique. In the XIIth century St Nicholas lived there.

Navigation (3h) to (K...B...)*, Anchoring in the bay, Naviation (1h) to (K...K...)* in Fethie bay, Swimming, Trolling...Anchoring for the night in a very beautiful panoramic wild bay, Forests and sand beaches... Pure relaxation !!

This day is kept free in order to decide our destination on the spot and choose the island of our choice... We could choose between a multitude of tiny beautiful and charming islands, bays and destinations...

Navigation (8h) to Marmaris bay, swimming and lunch nearby Sedir Island in the middle of the Bay. Sailing back to our Marina, filling up with fuel & return to our departure point. Ballades, Dinner and possibility of evening night till the dawn in the city center of Marmaris (The famous Bar street).

Last breakfast on board, tidying up the boat and the personal luggage. Visit of Marmaris, shopping in the big bazaars etc...depending on the return flight timing.

*: Names of Islands & Bays that remained unspoiled by the mass tourism, which we prefer to keep secret for ecological reasons.


7th July - 14th July
21st July - 28th July
4th August - 11th August
18th August - 25th August
1st September - 8th September
15th September - 22nd September

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Exact area of sailingTurkish Coast & Islands (East)
Boat kittyGuests contribute to the boat kitty.
Maximal number of participants10
Focus of sailing tripRelaxed sailing from bay/harbour to bay/harbour (up to 8 hours of sailing per day average)


Sailing experienceNo sailing experience required
Family sailingSuited for family trips
Smoking on boardSmoking on deck only, no smoking under deck
Target audienceAll

Trip activities

Harbours or anchoringWe plan to anchor in bays primarily.
Engine usageEngine is used in light winds and instead of beating against the wind
MealsPreparing meals together or going out for meals.

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